About Mind Bender

An old guy whose real name is not Mind Bender

Mind Bender

My name really isn’t Mind Bender. Hard to believe isn’t it? My parents loved me too much; Mind Bender is a nickname that I gave myself so I can write without my blessed mother knowing that I’m not the sweet God fearing child she thinks I am.

I am a hopeless skeptic, cynic, and liberal free thinker who at age 62 has a plethora of opinions. I’m not particularly likeable, but most people like me. That’s because I keep my thoughts to myself so I can blend in and have at least a few friends. Of course I don’t have close friends because I’m not all that likeable.

The world drives me crazy. If you’re old enough to be reading this, you have probably heard the term ‘my aching back.’ Well, when I observe what’s going on around my, I think ‘oh, my aching mind.‘ That’s how I came up with the catchy name for this website. Have people just gone crazy or are they just ignorant. Maybe stupid is a better word, but to me ignorance is a choice where stupid is something your Mom gave you. There is so much that people take as important that’s really not and so much that’s really important that people ignore. Why is that?

Few people are questioning answers anymore. My motto: always question the answers! That may be the best advice anyone can give you. It simply four words to remember, but most people forget.

Here’s another interesting truth…isn’t easier to ask foregiveness than permission.