Moen Faucet Parts from Amazon | Video

Moen Faucet Parts from Amazon | Video

I’ve never had this happen before. My wife reaches for the kitchen faucet handle to rinse out a glass and when she turns it on the single lever handle comes off. No special effort, nothing apparently breaking, but there is the lever handle in her hand with the water running. The handle is notched so we were able hold it in place on the faucet and turn the water off.  It’s been three days now and we’ve become pretty familiar with manipulating the water with the faucet lever broken.

I went to and found my faucet under faucet parts and filters. They have a good way to find your faucet by site without knowing the faucet model name or number. It’s a little wizard that asks you questions about your faucet. Once you find your faucet model, you can view an exploded view of the faucet and all the parts. Pretty cool!

You can buy Moen Faucet Parts on AmazonI found the exact faucet part I needed on Amazon. It’s a lever handle transition piece. As it turns out, a screw had sheared that holds the handle in place. It sheared so clean it was very difficult to tell that the screw was even there. I wanted to find a discount part so I placed the part number (Moen 100429) and the word Moen in Google search and the search results included a link to Amazon for Moen 100429 Single Handle Faucet Adapter Kit. Wow! What a great deal. The part was less than $4.00. I did’t know that Amazon had faucet parts.  While I was there I bought a Moen 1225 Single Lever Replacement Cartridge for a bathroom faucet that is beginning to drip.

I anticipated that I might have to replace the faucet at a cost of $100.00 or more. But, instead of going to Home Depot to look for the part or buy a new faucet, I got everything I need online at and Amazon.


  1. Exact same thing happened to me. Thank you very much for the video!

  2. Blue Skye says:

    Hello Mind Bender. I just had the same thing happen to me earlier this evening. Can you tell me; what is the model of the faucet? Is it an Extensa by chance? When I went to Moen’s Illustrated Parts pdf file, it looks like it’s related to what they call the Dome.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Blue Sky in so Cal

  3. I’ve moved since this post and I can’t remember. Extensa does not sound familiar. You might give Moen a call. They’re really helpful.

  4. Pat McMullen says:

    Thanks for the great video. Ordered via Amazon prime got the kit this morning and in 20 minutes DONE!!!!$16.00 versus $100.00 I’ll take that anytime.

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